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SEW‑EURODRIVE employee with thermography camera

What are the benefits of our thermography service?

With our thermography service, we examine the surface temperatures of your drive electronics in the control cabinet for irregularities – during operation. Using thermographic examination, we can detect heating at an early stage and prevent damage by taking prompt maintenance measures.

Our services

Thermographic examination of the SEW-EURODRIVE drive electronics and external components in the control cabinet

Identification of surface temperature anomalies (hot spots) inside the control cabinet

Visual functional inspection of the fans

Functional test of air conditioning units in the control cabinet using a thermography camera

Documentation of the thermographic examination in an inspection report with action recommendations for eradicating risks and for repair or maintenance

Elaboration of a trend analysis based on a comparison with previous thermographies

The added value for you

Less idling time and prevention of production failures
Electronic components and control cabinet installations will be in optimum condition and operating safely
Plannable repairs by detecting weaknesses and damage at an early stage
Clear, comprehensible diagnostics and action recommendation
Clear trend analyses during regular thermographies
Reduced risk of fire and accidents with a possible reduction in fire insurance premiums
Detailed information about thermal anomalies (overheated fuses, loose terminals) in electrical systems
Improved system operator delivery performance due to minimized system idling times