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SEW-EURODRIVE employee performing an examination with an inspection scope

What are the benefits of our examination with an inspection scope service?

With our examination with an inspection scope service, we provide you with systematic condition detection without disassembling the gear unit. By using a flexible video endoscope, all parts inside the gear unit housing, such as the gear wheels and the rolling bearings, undergo a detailed visual inspection on-site; the gear unit diagnosis is documented, and the required measures can be taken promptly.

Our services

Examination of gearing components, rolling bearings and lubricants based on a visual inspection

Examination of the gear unit interior and lubricant for metal particles, water, etc.

Photographic recording of wear and damage structures on the gearing components and rolling bearings

Production of an inspection report based on the endoscopic examination with information on potential damage and wear findings and other anomalies, including documentation of any action that may need to be taken and needs-based action recommendations

Elaboration of a trend report based on a comparison with previous examination with an inspection scope

The added value for you

Less idling time, prevention of production failures
Drive technology will be in optimum condition and operating safely
Plannable maintenance and notification of pending maintenance measures (if required)
Detailed information about the condition of the gear unit and its development over time (trend reports) during regular examinations with an inspection scope
Clear, comprehensible diagnostics and action recommendation
Reduced repair costs due to regular examinations with an inspection scope