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SEW-EURODRIVE employee working on repairs

What benefits does our "Repair" service offer you?

Our repair services come in different formats, such as emergency repairs, functional repairs and as-new repairs with a 24-month warranty for defects covering the drive as a whole. This also applies to products from other manufacturers. And if speed is of the essence, you can request a rush order or our on-site service to get your repair carried out faster. What's more, modifications and adjustments can also be made as part of our repair service if your drive technology has to cope with new system conditions.

Your requirements

Restore your system to full working order and reduce downtime with this cost-optimized, flexible and manufacturer-independent service
Implement a preventive measure to ensure maximum safety and availability
Conversion and modification
Make sure your system is perfectly attuned to new environmental influences and system conditions

Our services

Original value repair
  • 24-month warranty for defects covering the drive as a whole
  • Preventive replacement of all bearings and sealing elements
  • Inspection of all electrical components with an impulse voltage tester and replacing them if necessary
  • Inspection of electronic components in line with production specifications and replacing them if necessary
  • Reconditioning components for repainting
Functional repair
  • 24-month warranty for defects, covering services carried out and parts replaced
  • No preventive replacement of parts
  • Restoration of functionality
  • Replacement of faulty parts as indicated by customer
  • Functional testing of electrical and electronic components
Emergency repair
  • Excludes liability for defects
  • Makeshift restoration of function
  • Defective parts are reworked and reused
  • Only essential parts are replaced, in consultation with the customer
  • Rush order:
    Repair within 1 to 3 days, or even within a single day, depending on product characteristics and time of day
  • On-site service:
    Functional repair carried out at customer's premises
  • Pick-Up and Delivery Service:
    Pick-up and delivery of drive components

The added value for you

Short response times thanks to extensive customer support and service network, high and short-notice availability of original SEW-EURODRIVE spare parts, and short repair times courtesy of our rush order repair service
High-quality repairs due to the use and installation of original SEW-EURODRIVE spare parts, 24-month warranty for defects on as-new and functional repair orders, and final inspection based on quality management requirements for new drives
No repairs exceed the price of a new product (cost estimates indicating the price of a new product can be provided on request)
One central contact for all repairs (SEW-EURODRIVE drive technology and third-party components)
Minimal outlay – firstly due to absence of logistics outlay and secondly thanks to reduced administrative outlay when using either on-site repair or Pick-Up and Delivery service. Inquiries about repairs can be submitted conveniently via the Online Support customer portal

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Wherever you are in Germany, we carry out repairs close by – with high-quality results and fast turnarounds.
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