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Motion and Drive are our Business

Whether fast, dynamic and highly precise, large and powerful or continuous: we drive countless processes, systems and machines.

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SEW-EURODRIVE Singapore 40th Anniversary

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of SEW-EURODRIVE Singapore. Always in motion and ready for new technologies, comprehensive services and continuous improvements of quality. Thank you for being part of our 40 years success journey!

SEW-EURODRIVE Singapore Open House
SEW-EURODRIVE Singapore Open House — 11.11.2022

Open House 11.11.2022

Thank you for attending our Open House. Let’s gear up for another 40 years together!

Smart Industry Readiness Index
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Get Ready for I4.0 Transformation

Your SIRI workshop in SEW-EURODRIVE Singapore. We prepare you for Industry 4.0 transformation to suit industry requirements of the smart factory.

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Digital Learning

Free Digital Learning opportunities are available at any time provided by our DriveAcademy® Germany. Learn more here!

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Engage, exchange information in real time

We have expanded our digital platform on social media and now on LinkedIn! We will be updating you with news about the company, products, services, and events. Follow us now!