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What benefits does our Training Service offer you?

The training provided at our DriveAcademy® – SEW-EURODRIVE's training institute – will keep you at the cutting edge in terms of drive technology expertise. We create the perfect conditions for hands-on experience with state-of-the-art drive technology. Our programs employ the latest learning methods to obtain better results, focus on the customer to make training more efficient and use multifunctional models to ensure its practical relevance.

Our services

The latest learning methods, multifunctional training models and a well-equipped training environment ensure the best possible results.

Targeted programs are tailored perfectly to your requirements. This is also possible for different areas at your company, such as maintenance, training, assembly or planning & engineering.

Seminars and training courses are available in your vicinity at our Drive Technology Centers in:

  • Garbsen (near Hanover)
  • Meerane (near Zwickau)
  • Kirchheim (near Munich)
  • Langenfeld (near Düsseldorf)
  • DriveAcademy® in Bruchsal

The added value for you

Our experienced trainers offer numerous exercises on demo units in this way providing practice-oriented learning.
By utilizing the expertise you have gained we help you plan and use your drive technology more efficiently so you can optimize system operations.
Regular training sessions at SEW-EURODRIVE ensure you always keep pace with the state of the art.
Our targeted training enables you to plan your systems more efficiently, to minimize downtime, and consequently to reduce costs in the future.

Maintenance Trainings

SEW-EURODRIVE Singapore Maintenance Training session is now open for registration!

We offer practical and theory trainings to help customers perform basic maintenance procedures on motors and gear units. Classes will be conducted at our local service centre or at your place.

Come enroll our Maintenance Trainings! Register your interest

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