Mobile transportation vehicle up to 500 kg

The MAXOLUTION® mobile transportation vehicle up to 500 kg is your flexible solution for the internal transportation of goods, trays, boxes and frames. The modular system allows you to design the perfect vehicle for your requirements, both today and in the future

Travel time, navigation and load handling – precisely tailored to your needs

White-gray mobile transportation vehicle in front of an industrial warehouse, illuminated at the floor from contactless charging

Have a 24/7 production area and want to automate the supply of materials? Or maybe you're looking for an automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) that can travel from one hall to another? Not possible to attach adhesive tracks to your floor?

Regardless of your conditions on site – the mobile transportation vehicles up to 500 kg make your logistics more efficient and your processes more reliable.

Various energy management systems are available in accordance with the "just right" concept. Depending on your energy needs and maximum permissible height, you can choose from various charging strategies and energy modules.

The navigation also depends on your on-site conditions: The track can either be adhered to the floor, installed in the floor as an induction loop or configured as an open-space solution with SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping). An RFID (radio-frequency identification) read/write head can also be used to optimize station approach and ensure precise positioning with a maximum tolerance of 10 mm.

Even the load handling is tailored to your process. Whether you're placing or depositing something on the vehicle manually, driving the vehicle under a carrier and raising it, or building a conveyor line – you decide the capabilities of your vehicles. Regardless of your transportation tasks, our mobile transportation vehicles will solve them reliably and cost effectively.

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Your benefits

  • Reduce complexity

    and use automated guided vehicle systems (AGVSs) for future logistics concepts
  • Reduce costs

    by using effective mobile transportation vehicles instead of stationary materials handling technology or manned transportation solutions
  • Implement new concepts easily

    with the ability to adjust your processes and paths yourself so that you can respond quickly to changing requirements
  • Reduce travel distances

    with the vehicles' narrow design and ability to turn on the spot with a 50 cm radius
  • Dependable SEW‑EURODRIVE quality

    with mobile transportation vehicles based on our proved technology and components from global industrial partners
  • Take advantage of our global service

    with the SEW‑EURODRIVE service network, which is always available to help you with problems or optimizations

Properties and technical data

  • Dimensions: Length = 845 mm, width = 600 mm, height = 415/535/635 mm
  • Weight: 150 kg and up (depending on energy and load handling class)
  • Operating voltage: 48 V
  • Payload: up to 500 kg
  • Speed: 1.4 m/s
  • Positioning accuracy: +/- 10 mm
  • Communication: WLAN


  • Energy class: battery concepts for sequential travel, single-shift or two-shift operation without recharging; inductive energy concept for 24-hour operation
  • Navigation: optical navigation, inductive navigation, SLAM navigation
  • Load handling device: plate, roller conveyor, lift, scissor lift table


  • Racks for load handling in lifting applications
  • Logistics controller for system control
  • Inductive charging stations

Areas of application

  • Material supply in production areas
  • Sequential transport within production areas
  • Transportation from production area to the warehouse
  • Transportation tasks for order picking
  • Intralogistics transportation

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