Inspection and Maintenance Service

Drive availability – long lasting and reliable

What benefits does our Inspection and Maintenance service offer you? Our Inspection and Maintenance service helps you improve your operational reliability and system availability. To have all your drive technology checked with the 12-month SEW functional warranty, ask for a Quick Check !

Inspection and Maintenance Service

When systems go down, costs go up quickly for operators. Don't let it get that far. With our Inspection and Maintenance Service, you'll be able to prevent these kinds of failures and keep your running costs to a minimum.

Our service experts inspect and maintain your drive technology and drive automation. They will assist you with your maintenance strategy and give you advice on how to optimize your maintenance.

Our Services:

Quick check –

• Check and evaluate the condition of mechanical drive components in an existing system. 12-month SEW functional warranty for the drive components checked and found to be OK.

Quick Check Service (Download PDF) (PDF, 194 kB)

Maintenance –

• Maintenance service for mechanical drive components – brake maintenance/adjustment, oil change, replacement of all wear parts on the motor and gear unit as well as gaskets, oil seals and bearings.

• Maintenance contracts can be prepared on a customer-specific and project-specific basis.

Avoid failures in your gear units and motors

  • With drive technology and drive automation inspections
  • With mounting position evaluation and, if required, correction of screw plugs, breather valves and oil levels
  • With oil quality analysis
  • With motor brake cleaning and adjusting
  • And much more

More functional reliability for your drive electronics

  • Installation inspection
  • Motor and inverter assignment inspection
  • Inverter setting inspection
  • Thermal imaging of control cabinets
  • And much more

Only with maintenance contracts tailor to your specific needs, we simplify your planning effort and you can achieve speed, flexibility, and operational reliability.

Contact us for all types of Inspection and Maintenance Services from gearmotors, gear reducers to the electronics that drives them.

Your benefits

  • Avoid failures

    by increasing drive availability and minimizing system downtime.
  • Improve budgeting

    thanks to greater transparency when budgeting your maintenance and personnel costs.
  • Secure system function

    with the safety that comes with maintaining oil change intervals (even for industrial gear units), for example.
  • Even maintain third-party products

    our Inspection and Maintenance Service includes drives from other manufacturers.
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Inspection and maintenance service

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