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SEW‑EURODRIVE employee carrying out programming work at a workstation

What are the benefits of our application programming service?

Our application programming service is designed for optimum use of your drive technology. We make another significant contribution to the productivity, reliability and efficiency of your system with our customized drive component software. Individually programmable software provides the required flexibility, particularly in the case of complex applications.

Our solutions

Examination of customer requirements and application advice, if necessary, from an expert from SEW‑EURODRIVE in order to produce the performance specification

Programming at the customer's or at SEW‑EURODRIVE's premises (SEW‑EURODRIVE inverter, user interfaces, panels and controllers)

Joint development of performance specification:

  • Recording and documentation of the actual functionality (for existing systems)
  • Development of target functionality (customer requirements)

Creation and preparation of documentation by request

Acceptance and verification of the implemented performance specification contents after successful startup (acceptance protocol if necessary)

The added value for you

Rapid assistance and outstanding system availability thanks to standardized programming standards
Provision of comprehensive application and process expertise
Implementation of complex drive functions such as multi-axis applications thanks to customer-specific programming
Alleviation of the higher-level controller by implementing various functions in the SEW‑EURODRIVE controller and inverter
Standardized programming language IEC 61131-3
Rapid provision of customer-specific modules
Cost-effective due to the functionality implemented in the inverter (no additional hardware such as controllers)
Customized drive component software for your applications
Quick program development using premade application modules


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