Project planning tools for functional safety

Economical and trouble-free operation is a basic requirement for reliable production. With our comprehensive safety technology portfolio and certified safety components, we ensure that our customers always stay on the safe side. We assist with the selection, design, and functional testing of safety-rated machine controls with our safety technology selection aid and the SISTEMA component library.

Your selection aid for safety technology:
SCL Safety Configuration Library®

Screenshot of the Safety Configuration Library interface

The SCL® Safety Configuration Library is a selection aid for functional safety technology and is used to preselect drive technology components and their corresponding safety technology from SEW‑EURODRIVE.

A user-friendly navigator lets you select and configure the safety concept you require quickly and easily. Your corresponding conceptual drawing continues to grow with each selection. This drawing is in a greatly simplified graphical form and therefore provides a quick overview of the essential components.

Once the configuration is finished, you receive a complete conceptual drawing with the safety functions that can be implemented with your selection. You can then download this safety concept as a PDF file and save it locally.

To the SCL® Safety Configuration Library

Our conceptual drawings in the Safety Configuration Library are tested by the TÜV SÜD technical inspection association.

NOTE: The drive technology components displayed must be configured separately according to the application and their safety technology must be functionally tested.

Your advantages

  • Quick configuration

    thanks to simple user guidance throughout until the safety concept is complete
  • Quick overview

    thanks to conceptual drawings that are tested by TÜV Süd and displayed in a simplified graphical form

More safety with SISTEMA

SISTEMA software interface with SEW‑EURODRIVE library

Is a simple housing with a safety door sufficient for preventing risks of accident or does the machine operator have to be protected with more complex measures? With an evaluation of safety functions by SEW‑EURODRIVE, customers can reduce their liability risks to a small unavoidable residual risk.

To validate the safety technology functions to be implemented in a plant and document them as conforming to standards, you can use the SISTEMA software assistant (Sicherheit von Steuerungen an Maschinen in German, or safety of machine controllers in English). It provides users with comprehensive assistance in designing and validating their plant and machine safety.

The free and manufacturer-independent SISTEMA Windows tool was developed by the German Accident Prevention Insurance (DGUV) Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – also known as the IFA. Its aim was to give developers, designers, and testers of safety-rated machine controls a simple and easy-to-understand entry point into the regulations and requirements of the DIN EN ISO 13849 standard.

SEW‑EURODRIVE offers a comprehensive component library for the SISTEMA software assistant.

Our SISTEMA library includes the following characteristic values – depending on the components:

  • The applicable MTTFd values (MTTFd = mean time to failure "danger" )
  • B10d values (B10d = the number of switching cycles until 10% of the components have failed dangerously)
  • PFH value (PFH = probability of dangerous failure per hour)

From this SEW‑EURODIVE SISTEMA library, the user loads the required characteristic values for the components used to the SISTEMA software tool. There, the user can work directly with the appropriate data and evaluate his or her safety measures.

Our SISTEMA library can be used with version 1.1.6. of the SISTEMA software assistant or later.

Your advantages

  • Simple to validate as conforming to standards

    thanks to easy-to-operate SISTEMA software that makes the DIN EN ISO 13849 standard easy to understand.
  • Plan and evaluate measures

    with the SISTEMA component library, where SEW‑EURODRIVE provides all the essential characteristic values.

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