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The benefits for you

Overload capable
Overload capability up to 300 % enables optimum utilization of the drive and reduction of the rated connected load.

Environmentally friendly
Low-noise operation without fan and motor efficiency class ≥ IE5 according to IEC TS 60034-30-2.

High dynamics, wide speed range and optional positioning by means of multi-turn absolute encoder.

Direct wiring via terminals or simple, fast installation with optional plug connectors and the MOVILINK® DDI digital interface.

Control technology Control cabinet technology Decentralized drive technology Drive technology
Drive unit with integrated, decentralized inverter

MOVIMOT® performance complements existing MOVI‑C® products in terms of functionality and consistency and extends the range of possible applications for our decentralized drive technology, which has been proving its worth for decades.

The MOVIMOT® performance drive unit consists of a decentralized inverter and a permanent-field synchronous motor from the CM3C.. series.

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By combining this energy-efficient CM3C.. synchronous motor with an integrated decentralized inverter, the drive unit surpasses the maximum system efficiency IES2 to IEC 61800-9-2.

The integrated digital interface ensures quick, easy and convenient startup, even with the widest range of gearmotor options.


  • Tried-and-tested modular system: Synchronous motor, decentralized inverter and optional gear unit combine to create a drive unit.
  • Gear unit variant:
    • Suitable for combining with all series 7 and 9 standard gear units
    • Compatible with helical-bevel servo gear units
  • Brake variant:
    • Available with BZ3 brake
    • Option of manual brake release with automatic disengaging function
    • Brakemotors can absorb regenerative energy, making internal braking resistors superfluous
  • MOVILINK® DDI: The digital motor interface that saves you valuable time by eliminating the need for manual motor startup.
  • MOVIKIT®: The software modules that make it possible to have a standardized communication interface in the MOVI‑C® modular automation system.
  • Speed setting range:
    • 1:40 (without encoder)
    • 1:2000 (with encoder)
  • Connection voltage: 380 V – 500 V at 50/60 Hz (also available as IT system variant)
  • Overload capacity up to 300%
    • Prevents oversizing in static operation
    • Reduces installed size of necessary supply infrastructure
    • Avoids overloading thanks to integrated safety mechanisms

Technical data

Motor size
Inverter assignment002000250032 00400040005500700095
Nominal output current of the inverter
Nominal power
Nominal torque
Nm 91520
Overload capacity
300300300300 300300300300
Motor efficiency
89.1% ≙ IE590.0% ≙ IE590.4% ≙ IE587.6% ≙ IE587.9% ≙ IE588.4% ≙ IE590.3% ≙ IE591.3% ≙ IE5
Speed setting range without encoder1:401:401:401:401:401:401:401:40
Speed setting range with encoder1:20001:20001:20001:20001:20001:20001:20001:2000
Mass without brake
Mass with brake

Ready for use in your application

Boasting impressive flexibility and overload capacity, MOVIMOT® performance is our expert for dynamics. It is ideal for all applications – from intelligent conveyor axes and simple lifting axes to positioning axes. An increased degree of protection, quiet operation without a fan and maximum energy efficiency result in an even wider range of applications.

Areas of application:

  • Horizontal conveyor systems for intralogistics and parcel logistics
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Baggage handling at airports

Looking for a combination with an asynchronous motor?

Our MOVIMOT® advanced drive unit combines an asynchronous motor with a frequency inverter, making it an all-rounder for use in numerous intelligent logistics applications.

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The benefits for you

  • Highly dynamic with an extremely compact size
  • Excellent energy-saving potential thanks to IE5 motor technology
  • Low-noise operation without a fan for a pleasant working atmosphere
  • High-performance connection to all standard communication systems
  • Flexible integration into all kinds of installation topologies

Communication/installation variants:

  • DFC – direct fieldbus communication (PROFINET, EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP, POWERLINK/CiA 402)
  • DBC – direct binary communication
  • DAC – direct AS-interface communication
  • DSI – direct system bus installation (EtherCAT®/SBusPLUS, EtherCAT®/CiA 402)

Digital and analog inputs/outputs:

  • DFC/DSI: Up to 4 digital inputs and up to 2 digital inputs or outputs
  • DBC: 4 digital inputs / 1 relay output and 1 analog input (0 – 10 V, 0 – 20 mA, 4 – 20 mA)
  • DAC: 4 digital inputs / 1 relay output


From control technology to inverters and drives, whether centralized or decentralized, there are no language barriers with any of the components from the MOVI-C® modular automation system.

Plan the design of your machines or systems with a single control, communication or installation topology. Our hardware and software will ensure seamless integration/assimilation and simply get things moving.

Even with large, decentralized systems, complete individuality is no problem. The MOVIMOT® performance drive unit offers interfaces to any communication bus. Direct connection to the controller is just one of many options.

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MOVIKIT® software modules

The "Drive" category includes MOVIKIT® software modules that are operated directly on the MOVIMOT® performance drive unit:

  • MOVIKIT® Positioning Drive: MOVIKIT® Positioning Drive enables positioning applications with a standardized fieldbus interface.
  • MOVIKIT® RapidCreepPositioning Drive: MOVIKIT® RapidCreepPositioning Drive is a software module for implementing classic "rapid/creep speed positioning" without a motor encoder.
  • MOVIKIT® Velocity Drive: MOVIKIT® Velocity Drive allows you to use applications with velocity control and a standardized fieldbus interface.
More about MOVIKIT®

Integrated digital interface

Data transfer between motor and inverter

The MOVILINK® DDI integrated digital interface means no additional installation is required for transfer of the electronic nameplate and various sensor signals between motor and inverter.

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Functional safety overview

  • Integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function to IEC 61800-5-2
  • Safety Integrity Level 3 to EN 61800-5-2:2017 and EN 61508:2010
  • PL e to EN ISO 13849-1:2015
  • optional: CSL51A for safe inputs, SLS and STO via PROFIsafe, CIP-Safety or Safety over EtherCAT®
  • optional: CSB51A for STO via PROFIsafe, CIP-Safety or Safety over EtherCAT®

Available options

Encoder option

  • Single-turn encoder /EZ2Z, /EZ4Z
  • Multi-turn encoder /AZ2Z, /AZ4Z

Optional plug connectors

  • AC 400 V supply with M15 or M23 plug connectors
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) with M12 plug connectors (A-coded, 5-pin)
  • DC 24 V backup voltage with M12 plug connectors (L-coded, 5-pin)
  • M23 plug connectors for hybrid installation
  • Fieldbus connection (depending on the selected communication variant)
  • Digital inputs/outputs (depending on the selected communication variant)
  • Connectors can also be used for further looping (depending on performance)

DynaStop® option

  • Optionally available with the DynaStop® electrodynamic retarding function

Further options

  • Optionally available as a brakemotor (including manual brake release)
  • Optionally available with surface protection OS1 or OS2

Ambient conditions

  • Degree of protection: Standard IP65 to EN 60529
  • Ambient temperature: -30 °C to +60 °C (depending on the execution)
  • Sustainability & excellent energy-saving potential:
    • Drive system efficiency to IEC 61800-9-2 (Power Drive System): The highest defined efficiency class IES2 to IEC 61800-9-2 for the system combining motor and electronics
    • Motor efficiency to IEC 60034: Complies with energy efficiency class IE5 to IEC TS 60034-30-2


  • CE (European Economic Area)
  • CMIM (Morocco)
  • EAC (Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus)
  • RCM (Australia and New Zealand)
  • UA.TR (Ukraine)
  • UKCA (United Kingdom)
  • UL (USA and Canada)


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