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Drive unit with inverter integrated into the motor

Based on the MOVI‑C® modular automation system, we have further enhanced our MOVIGEAR® drive unit for your benefit. MOVIGEAR® performance complements existing products in terms of functionality and consistency and extends the range of possible applications for our decentralized drive technology, which has been proving its worth for decades.

The MOVIGEAR® performance drive unit consists of a decentralized inverter, a permanent-field synchronous motor and a gear unit. These three core components are located in a single compact aluminum die cast housing. MOVIGEAR® performance is therefore a compact, ready-to-use system that reliably takes less time to handle huge volumes.

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Thanks to its integrated digital interface, no additional installation is required for transfer of the electronic nameplate and various sensor signals between motor and inverter. Communication takes place via fieldbus interfaces such as PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP, POWERLINK/ CiA 402, EtherCAT®/SBusPLUS and EtherCAT®/CiA 402, and also via integrated, digital inputs and outputs. This makes MOVIGEAR® performance the perfect solution for dynamic conveyor applications.

The new drive unit stands out with its compact design and high overload capacity. By meeting the requirements for the highest motor energy efficiency class – IE5 to IEC TS 60034-30-2 – and the maximum system efficiency to IEC 61800-9-2, MOVIGEAR® performance surpasses all market-standard solutions to date.

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MOVIGEAR® performance drive unit

MOVIGEAR® performance is a compact, ready-to-use system that reliably takes less time to handle huge volumes.

Do you need a product for use in wet areas?

Our MOVIGEAR® classic drive unit is particularly well suited for the food and beverage industry.

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Tobias Nittel,
portfolio manager for decentralized drive technology at SEW‑EURODRIVE

"The MOVI‑C® modular automation system gives customers the option to implement their applications both with inverters in a control cabinet and with drive electronics that are either located close to the motor or without any differences in terms of project planning, handling or performance. An essential part of the platform is the digital motor integration. This supports automatic drive train startup and also ensures that various sensor signals can be transmitted from the motor to the electronics without requiring any additional installation work."