MOVIFIT® FC standard inverters – classic

Our decentralized inverter is used in systems which include inverter electronics mounted close to the motor. A wide range of functions and an innovative unit design provide many time and cost benefits for installation, operation and service.

MOVIFIT® FC for demanding materials handling tasks with decentralized drive concept

MOVIFIT® FC standard inverters
MOVIFIT® FC standard inverters
MOVIFIT® FC standard inverters

Drives made easy! Our decentralized standard inverter MOVIFIT® FC in the classic function level design provides a wide range of drive functions. Everything is possible from simple speed control to the operation of simple lifting axes. Comprehensive safety functions and operation on virtually all common fieldbus systems for use in a broad range of applications.

Save energy and operate your plant efficiently. Combine our MOVIFIT® FC with our DRU..J series (IE4 motors) energy efficient motors and an efficient brake control.

No startup is needed for simple applications. Simple DIP switches make the relevant settings following which the inverter is immediately ready for use. It is controlled via the PLC using standardized process data profiles. Our "MOVIFIT® Gateway Configurator" provides you with simple configuration and diagnostics options even for more complex applications.

Our standard inverter MOVIFIT® FC has more than just internal strengths. The high degree of protection IP65 is standard. Its robust aluminum die cast housing is divided into electronics unit (EBOX) and connection unit (ABOX). A major benefit is the closing mechanism with only one screw and the automatic unit replacement. This enables quick assembly and smooth unit replacement for servicing.

Save costs and time on installation as well. The integrated T distributor for energy and communication, the integrated repair switch and digital IOs means that a wide variety of external additional components are no longer required for the installation.

The HygienicPlus design for use in extreme ambient conditions, for example in wet conditions in the beverage industry, are also available as standard.

Discover more on this site regarding the connection variants, details about the hygienic design, the safety functions and the functional scope of our associated software (function level).

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Your benefits

  • Extensive functions

    from speed control to positioning of simple lifting axes as well as availability of all common bus systems.
  • Low total costs

    owing to the energy-optimized brake control, operation of IE2 to IE4 motors and saving on external components.
  • Rapid system availability

    due to pluggable connections, configuration via DIP switches as well as an overall concept with only one screw.
  • Confirmed safety

    by means of compliance with certified safety options from secure communication and safe disconnection through to safe motion.
  • Low complexity

    due to full pluggability and integrated additional functions (maintenance switch etc.) for simple system planning.

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