Generation  X.e – helical gear units  / bevel-helical gear units

With 23 finely graduated sizes, the helical and bevel-helical gear units of the X..e series cover the torque range from 6.8 to 475 kNm. The extensive modular program and the large number of predefined additional equipment and options offer a high degree of flexibility for adaptation to the application situation. Regardless of whether you are a plant manufacturer or operator - the X..e series offers the right solution for every requirement.

One standard product – numerous possibilities

Generation X.e industrial gear units
Generation X.e industrial gear units

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Generation X.e industrial gear units

Generation X.e industrial gear units

For operators or original equipment manufacturers of machines and plants, it is crucial that the drives used there are robust, reliable and easy to maintain. The industrial gear units of the X..e series efficiently meet these requirements.

The intelligent, universal gear unit concept impresses with its fine size graduation, high installation variability and the large number of additional modular features and options such as motor adapters, backstop, various sealing and shaft systems, and many more. The wide ratio range of 6.3 - 450 and the robust design make the All-Rounder the right choice in many industries and applications. Whether crane, conveyor belt or mixer - with the X..e series and the industry know-how of SEW-EURODRIVE, you are opting for maximum availability and a reliable partner. And if our modular system does not have the right solution for you, we will customize our gear units for you.

The modular Generation X.e system – benefits for you

  • Global availability
  • Delivery times
  • Detailed calculation
  • Condition monitoring
  • GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Drive package / system components

Global availability

  • With four production plants and 13 assembly plants across the globe, standardized industrial gear units can be supplied worldwide impressively fast
  • Additional service centers can also provide all kinds of service operations at short notice

Delivery times

  • Short delivery times, even in the case of customized adaptations
  • Replacement parts required during servicing can also be supplied quickly

Detailed calculation

  • Thanks to a networked calculation landscape, each and every drive is simulated in the software, with calculations based on specific drive data requirements.
  • Collaboration with research institutes means the latest calculation models can be used on series products.

Condition monitoring

  • The DriveRadar® IoT Suite monitors parameters such as vibration and temperature on the drive to pre-empt damage to bearings or gearing and temperature-related issues.
  • Preventive damage detection with notification option


  • Boosts gear unit performance
  • Reduces rolling and sliding friction
  • Improves efficiency and wear resistance
  • Eliminates the need for an initial oil change after 500 hours of operation

Drive package / system components

You benefit from a perfectly coordinated overall package offering the best value for money, with SEW-EURODRIVE solving your drive task from start to finish. To provide this service, we collaborate with renowned manufacturers to expand our product portfolio.

This is what makes the Generation X.e unique:

Our decades of experience in the construction of large gear units have prompted us to selectively revise the X series. Find out below which innovations make the X.e generation so unique and how the intelligent combination of the implemented measures and the calculation by networked software tools enables you to obtain an exactly fitting gear unit.

Red gear unit depicted in graphics as a concept study against a dark-gray backgroundT
  • Contactless sealing systems
  • Thermally improved oil level
  • Optimized bearing preload
  • Optimized tooth flank topology
  • Improved bevel pinion housing
  • Universal fan guard

Contactless sealing systems


  • No wear at input and output shaft
  • No oil losses

Your benefits:

  • Higher operational safety
  • Significantly longer maintenance intervals for your drive system

Thermally improved oil level


  • We are aware of the fine line between reducing the oil limit and obtaining an optimal heat dissipation
  • Ideal reduction of the oil bath temperature

Your benefits:

  • Improvement of the operational reliability
  • Savings of up to 29% of oil volume
  • Extension of the oil service life by up to 110%, and so extended oil change intervals
  • Reduced churning losses by up to 87.5%
  • Reduced oil bath temperature by up to 8%
  • Increased thermal limit rating by up to 32%

Optimized bearing preload


  • Order-specific settings – always the right bearing preload
  • Reduced formation of heat spots
  • Low compression

Your benefit:

  • Increased bearing service life of your gear unit by up to 220%
  • Increased thermal limit rating by up to 24%
  • Reduced oil bath temperature by up to 4%

Optimized tooth flank topology


  • Tooth flank topology resistant to displacements
  • Meshing interference can be tolerated better
  • Avoidance of downtimes
  • Increase in system availability

Your benefits:

  • Optimized bearing preload
  • Higher operational reliability of the drive when external forces affect the shafts
  • New calculation landscape combined with optimized tooth flank topology
  • Increase of the static overhung loads at unfavorable application angle of up to 41%
  • Lower gear unit noise due to optimized tooth meshing

Improved bevel pinion housing


  • Optimized oil flow and so greater operational reliability
  • Higher thermal rating
  • Higher powers can be transmitted without unexpected machine downtimes

Your benefits:

  • Basis to obtain a reduction of up to 30% in system power loss
  • Increased operational reliability and improved cold start behavior
  • Increased overall limit rating by up to 153%

Universal fan guard


  • The arrangement of various fan sizes (boost, balanced, silent) and fan types under one guard
  • Fixed installation dimensions in your system
  • Ideal cooling in compliance with the given sound pressure limits

Your benefits:

  • Reduced oil bath temperature by up to 36%
  • Increased thermal limit rating as compared to the current axial fan by up to 54%
  • Lowered sound pressure level as compared to the current axial fan by up to 7 dB(A)

Generation X.e – efficient. experienced. excellent


Properties and features of the X..e series industrial gear units

  • Independent industrial gear unit platform with 23 sizes
  • Helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units
  • Single-piece and split gear unit housing
  • Invertible gear unit housing
  • Universal mounting positions
  • Distinctive modular technology
  • Diverse predefined optional equipment and options
  • Customer-specific adaptations possible

Technical data

Close table
Gear unit design Stages Gear ratio i Nominal torque MN2
Helical gear unit
X.F.100e – X.F.320e
2 to 4 stages 6.3 – 450 6.8 – 475
Bevel-helical gear unit
X.K.100e – X.K.320e
2 to 4 stages 6.3 – 450 6.8 – 475
Bevel-helical gear unit
X.T.100e – X.T.250e
3 and 4 stages 12.5 – 450 6.8 – 175
We have stored a table for you here.

Application-specific industrial gear units


Conveyor belts, crane technology, mixers, crushers, and many more

  • In mining
  • In the cement industry
  • In port logistics

What does a networked calculation landscape mean to you?

SEW image

The new networked calculation landscape provides the perfect support for the selective configuration of your gear unit. Our industry experts assist you during this process and can now take the highly specific operating conditions of your application into account.

They are able to do so because the new Generation X.e has been enhanced based specifically on the industry and application experience of both our experts and our customers from the mining, cement and port logistics industries. You, too, can systematically work your way toward ideal and highly efficient operating processes with our intelligent drive solution.

Want to avoid an initial oil change after 500 hours of operation? With our X.. series industrial gear units,... can save yourself the time and expense this involves.

We have established a closely monitored running-in and cleaning process during production. In conjunction with our GearOil lubricants and their unique additives, this means we can provide you with a drive package tailored to your application that will not require an early oil change.

More information about GearOil by SEW-EURODRIVE.

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Industrial gear units to go

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