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Flexible energy transfer planning and project management

MOVITRANS® line ensures perfect energy transfer, even over long distances. It is a contactless, quiet, wear-free and low-maintenance system. No room for a control cabinet? With MOVITRANS® line, you also save time and space.

How do we achieve this? It's simple! With MOVITRANS® line, the power socket rides along, as it were. Energy is transferred contactlessly through an air gap, which enables a completely wear-free, low-maintenance electromagnetic connection. This contactless energy supply also makes it possible to achieve high speeds of over 10 m/s.

MOVITRANS® technology from SEW‑EURODRIVE works on the principle of inductive power supply. Electrical energy is transferred continuously along the route via a line cable that benefits from incredibly simple, flexible installation and is easy to reposition if you subsequently want to modify or add to it. This makes complex, cumbersome and high-maintenance systems consisting of cable carriers, conductor rails and fixed floor installations a thing of the past.

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The intelligent SAFS safety function, in combination with MOVITRANS® contactless energy transmission, provides relief for the infrastructure - not only in industry but also in urban applications.

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MOVITRANS® line gets you moving

MOVITRANS® line is made up of both stationary and mobile system components. These can be integrated into existing automation systems quickly and easily. The nominal air gap between line cable and pick-up is 20 mm. This enables high transmission power even in situations where the pick-up is not always at a constant distance above the line cable.

Cut costs – for investments, startup and operation

All in all, the MOVITRANS® line contactless power supply system is the ideal choice if you are looking to keep costs down and boost productivity. One key consideration is that our engineering software makes the startup and use of contactless MOVITRANS® technology extremely straightforward.

Udo Marmann, Market Manager Drive Electronics, Decentralized Technology and Mechatronics:

"Our decentralized energy storage system for MOVITRANS® line makes it possible to adapt and retrofit intralogistics tasks in line with the requirements at any time. The new Safe AC Field Stop functional safety function, or SAFS, can be combined with safety-oriented controllers and sensors and is therefore ideal for optimum operation in industrial systems. SEW‑EURODRIVE offers its customers further components for end-to-end drive system solutions all the way to turnkey factory automation."


Contactless energy transfer simply explained
by Dr. Hans Krattenmacher, Geschäftsführer Innovation Mechatronik

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