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Your benefits

Reduced costs
because MOVI-DPS® ensures plant availability and intelligently controls energy consumption

Saved resources
because MOVI-DPS® lets you make significant savings on energy and raw materials

Simplified installation
with storage bundles that are extremely easy to integrate without any problems thanks to their plastic housing and integrated connector

MOVITOOLS® engineering software MultiMotion motion control platform
MOVI-DPS®: An intelligent drive solution with an energy store

The ideal scenario: stable supply systems, no failures and reliable plant availability as a result. Optimized line connection costs and intelligently controlled energy requirements. Only the amount of power that is actually needed is taken from the supply system. Your logistics applications work with high efficiency and the capacity level of your infrastructure rises.

That is how your entry into energy-optimized and power-optimized logistics could look.

SEW‑EURODRIVE offers you the ideal combination with MOVI-DPS®: Saved resources. Reduced costs. Secured future. With the modular design you naturally expect from us. And, of course, precisely adapted to your requirements.

An energy interface, power interface, storage bundle and energy management system all in one: MOVI-DPS® shows what it can do in both mobile and stationary applications. In other words: With this intelligent drive solution, you can reduce the connected load of your storage/retrieval system by up to 80 percent. You can save up to 40 percent of your energy requirements in comparison to solutions with braking resistance.

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1 EKK 12 energy interface

2 EKK 11 power interface

3 EKV storage bundle comprised of EKS storage units

4 Discharge units for the storage bundle

MOVI-DPS® system overview and functioning principle in energy mode MOVI-DPS® system overview and functioning principle in power mode
  • Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS):
    • Heavy load
    • Light load
  • Storage/retrieval systems
  • Pallet transfer shuttle
  • Lifting and travel axes for a storage/retrieval system
  • Lifting station for electrified monorail vehicles
  • Vertical conveyors
Automated guided vehicle system
  • Specially developed. With the IP54 protection class, the storage units are specifically suited for decentralized use outside of a control cabinet, as well as for mobile use in industrial applications.
  • Smart combinations. With the contactless power supply from MOVITRANS® modular device system and our application software, we offer you customized system solutions from a single source.
  • Exclusively from SEW‑EURODRIVE. With the combination of MOVI-DPS® and our drive systems, we offer you a solution that is the first of its kind.
  • Even more flexibility and independence. Floor conveyor vehicles are able to charge quickly while traveling on energy tracks via inductive energy transfer. They can then navigate freely through the room, independent of fixed routes.
  • Maintenance is reduced to a minimum: The use of double-layer capacitors in an energy storage bundle means that maintenance is reduced significantly in comparison to battery-operated vehicles.
Pallet transfer shuttle

For the pallet transfer shuttle, we use MOVI-DPS® together with MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer and the MOVIPRO® ADC application inverter.

1 Storage bundle

2 Energy interface



The benefits that MOVI-DPS® gives you:

  • Your system is more dynamic than ever before!
  • This solution is the perfect complement to MOVITRANS®!
Storage/retrieval system

In this application, we use the following components from SEW‑EURODRIVE as well as MOVI-DPS®:

1 Storage bundle

2 Power interface

3 MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter

4 MOVI-PLC® power with energy management modules

The benefits that MOVI-DPS® gives you:

  • Proven energy savings
  • The grid is for the most part relieved from load peaks
Lifting/lowering conveyors

To optimize the performance of the lifting/lowering conveyor, we use the MOVIPRO® ADC application inverter with an energy management interface and energy management modules in this application as well as MOVI-DPS®. Your application works even in the event of power failures. If the supply system fails, for instance, the lifting axis is held in position until the mechanical brake is applied.

1 Storage bundle

2 Power interface


The benefits that MOVI-DPS® gives you:

  • Positioning control even in the event of power failure
  • Sustainable solution for your system and for "green logistics"
Vertical conveyor

In this solution, we use the MOVIDRIVE® application inverter from SEW‑EURODRIVE as well as MOVI-DPS®: Even when the supply system fails, your application is positioned securely and the cycle is completed. The 24 V supply voltage is maintained.

1 Storage bundle

2 Power interface


The benefit that MOVI-DPS® gives you:

  • Safety thanks to the uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
Dirk Schedler, Product Manager for contactless energy transfer and energy storage systems:

"SEW-EURODRIVE is unique on the market in that it offers the option of directly combining MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer and MOVI-DPS® energy supply. This simplifies project planning and shortens startup times. MOVITRANS® line and MOVITRANS® spot in combination with MOVI-DPS® are optimally matched to each other and can therefore be easily integrated into mobile applications and vehicles."