If you ask us, there are a number of good reasons to trust our company and our drive technology. Find out about the reasons that convince our customers here, and find your own personal "Why SEW-EURODRIVE."

Our system solutions adapt to our customers' individual requirements.
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Flexibility - for your growth

Demands on production systems are increasing. Reduced delivery times, increased capacities, cost pressure. Conversion, expansion or restructuring of entire systems is needed quickly. Flexible solutions users and their systems are required in order to meet demands and to enable our customers to keep on growing. We place particular focus on these requirements and offer system solutions aimed to meet the individual requirements of our customers' systems. We support customers in evaluating their requirements, through to the implementation of their solution.

Quality control is a must for us
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Quality - for your satisfaction

We place high standards on ourselves to always deliver the best quality. We only market and release products and services that meet our demands. But that is not enough. Our standards undergo regular monitoring. Annually. Independently. Certified.

Industry expertise is not a foreign concept for us
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Industry know-how - for your confidence

Every industry is different and has its own requirements in terms of drive technology and services. Only by knowing these requirements can we offer the best possible advice and solutions. We are aware of this and have built up knowledge within our company that covers different branches of industry. It is in this way that our customers have industry experts to hand to offer them advice. Our success shows we are on the right track: a number of customers trust our expertise and regularly choose us as their "preferred supplier".

SEW-EURODRIVE places a great of emphasis on sustainability
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Sustainability - for safeguarding the future

Our actions today pave the way for the future. We are responsible for employees, customers, business partners and for the environment in which we live and work. What does that mean for our day-to-day work? We work in a cost-conscious manner and have a responsible approach towards resources, and implement measures for environmental and climate protection. Our business approach is characterized by quality assurance, proactive measures to ensure long-term business success, and cooperative customer relationships.

There's no such thing as standstill for u s- we constantly develop our products further.
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Expertise - for your success

As our history shows, we can look back at 85 years of experience in drive technology during which we gathered a vast amount of knowledge. However, we are not going to rest on our laurels. We train our employees, gather additional knowledge through day-to-day work, broaden our horizons and continuously expand our workforce. Knowledge gained in this way flows into the new and further development of products and solutions as well as into the optimization of procedures.

Energy-saving solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE
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Energy efficiency - making environmentally friendly savin

The need to increase energy efficiency is currently a hot topic. Resources can be conserved by reducing or at least limiting the increase in energy consumption. Industry has an import role to play here, as it accounts for a major share of consumed energy. It is also for our own benefit that we as a company are driving the development of energy-saving solutions. We also offer energy consulting in addition to energy-efficient products.

The Ernst Blickle Innovation Center
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Innovations - for your success

Idle time is a step in the wrong direction. Our daily work reflects this company motto. The EBIC (Ernst Blickle Innovation Center) is currently home to more than 550 researchers and developers who are busy working on new products and technologies for drive technology and drive automation of the future. Award-winning product innovations, such as our MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system or our MOVIFIT® fieldbus system, show that this work pays off.

All costs at a glance
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Total cost of ownership - Keeping an eye on costs

When planning your system, is it important to you to not just be able to see the purchase costs, but rather all aspects related to later use such as energy costs and maintenance of the components concerned? If so, then we are on the same wavelength. Our aim is to develop products and solutions that take total operating costs into consideration. For sustainable, economic and long-lasting operation. If you wish, our employees will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Our customers can contact us anywhere and around the clock.
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Availability - always and everywhere

Time is money. Because we are aware of this, you can contact us directly if you have questions, problems and of course in dire emergencies. Whether you are in Buenos Aires or Bruchsal, we will help you get your production back up and running in next to no time. Our 24h hotline is just one aspect of our comprehensive service that vastly reduces downtime. Our service team helps customers quickly and reliably on-site when urgent and complicated situations arise.

Complete Drive Service (CDS)
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Services - a rapid response for you

Is quick collection and delivery of drive components important to you? Is it important to you that service employees can offer you support to ensure smooth installation and removal? Do you appreciate having tools that help you in terms of product selection and design and that support you throughout the product life cycle of your system. All of these things are important to us. It is for this reason that we offer our customers services that help them become faster and more efficient.


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