MAXOLUTION® solutions for your automation

Our MAXOLUTION® system solutions for factory automation and machine automation offer you innovative technologies. From planning to startup, you benefit from our extensive expertise and get everything you need from one place, meaning you can start thinking about tomorrow's processes today.

System solutions for your factory and machinery – all from a single source

Do you have a vision of a fully automated factory that can also adapt to change? Do you want to automate your production operations and machinery from end to end, ideally getting everything you need from one place? If so, then SEW-EURODRIVE has exactly what you need.

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What is automation?

It's difficult, even impossible, to imagine modern industrial production without it, but it was once no more than a wishful dream. So, where exactly does the term "Automation" come from? The ancient Greeks revered "Automatia" as the goddess of chance. In his "Politeia" (politics), Aristotle expressed the hope that one day machines would work on their own so masters would no longer need slaves.

The linguistic origins of the term automation therefore lie in the Greek, with the term generally referring to independent (autonomous) activity.

In English, the term automation describes both a process and technology. The systems that operate themselves – i.e. run automatically – in factories are automation, but so too is the whole process of creating – i.e. automating – these systems, and that is what MAXOLUTION® automation is all about.

Our Automation Partners

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Close cooperation between companies is important to you? Are you looking forward to many new and innovative ideas that good partnerships bring? Then you can benefit from the best of both worlds with us and our Automation Partners:

  • SEW-EURODRIVE develops, produces and sells one of the most comprehensive and integrated portfolios on the market in the field of drive and automation technology worldwide.
  • Our Automation Partners are successful full-service providers for automation solutions across all industries and specialists in the core disciplines of developing hardware and software solutions, robotics, electrical system design, control cabinet construction and much more.

Together we bundle our competences for you and increase our knowledge, which we are happy to share with you - always with the goal in mind to offer you our services in the best possible quality.

Profiles of our Automation Partners

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SEW-EURODRIVE Automation Partner
StaKo Tec. oHG
StaKo Tec
INperfektion GmbH
Portfolio Process automation, weighing and dosing technology, etc. Engineering, automation, robotics, etc.
Based in 22399 Hamburg, Germany 41844 Wegberg, Germany
Established in 2000 2007
Automation Partner since March 2021 February 2021
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We and our automation partners are here for you!

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